Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hollywood Syndrome is the worst thing that happened to Cinema: Paul Cox

Veteran Australian director Paul Cox said that the Hollywood syndrome that has affected the world is the worst thing that has happened to cinema. Although cinema is a wonderful medium of communication, it is also one of the most misused one. He was talking with Sasikumar on the ‘In Conversation’ programme conducted as the part of 17th International Film Festival of Kerala.
He said that the creative styles of filmmaking in Kerala and West Bengal are similar and the audience of Kerala is quite enthusiastic about seeing good films. Paul Cox who was a friend of the Late Malayalam Filmmaker G. Aravindan, said that the new wave spirit of Kerala seen at the 80s is reemerging today.
Paul Cox advised every filmmakers that they should have total control over their films, and the producer is only a supporting factor. His struggling period with cancer prompted him to make films having humanistic values. He added that he is a socialist and proper education and health is everyone’s right. I am always interested in making films on the underprivileged and people who perish in this horrific underprivileged society, said Paul Cox.
Paul Cox who always gives prominence to music in his films commented that Indian films have fantastic music in terms of visuals. He also praised Pandit Ravi Shankar for his excellent piece of work in the film Pather Panchali. For a question about the adaptation of his film ‘Innocence’ by the Malayalam filmmaker Blessy, Cox replied that he has no complaints in adapting any of his movies.
When asked about the recent controversy in Kerala about the live shooting of childbirth for a film, he replied that there are even filthier and violent contents which are shown in movies than the birth of a child. He quoted that violence is not a thing to be celebrated in movies.

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