Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Other festivals should learn from IFFK: Raghu Jagannathan

“Other festivals should learn from IFFK”, opined Raghu Jagannathan, director of Tamil film ‘500&5’, who was commenting on the festival’s support to promote new generation films that deals with the common life. Raghu was speaking in the press meet held on the sixth day of 17th International Film Festival of Kerala.

On talking about the production activities of film 500&5, director detailed the difficulties they had to face. Raghu, while replying to the question on the production of the film, said that he is extremely thankful to the independent filmmaking revolution in India that gave him encouragement for this film. He mentioned about the high rental cost of a steady camera, which made them to make the camera of their own of same specifications at a very low cost. In the same method, they developed dolly and other equipments that is still in function and can be used for next project as well. The story that deals with the journey of an Rs.500 currency that passes through the hands of five different characters also reflects their financial crunch while the production of the film, he added. Appreciating the Kerala audience, he added that they support and encourage good films.

Kamal KM director of ‘ID’, Amitabh Chakraborty director of ‘Cosmic Sex’, B. Ajith Kumar co-producer and editor if ‘ID’, Geetanjali lead actress of ID and Ramesh Moorthi co-producer of 500&5 also attended the press meet.

On his work, Cosmic Sex, director Amitabh Chakraborty said that the film is based o his research on the connection between sexuality and spirituality in our tradition. This practice is still followed in India by many ones, he added. The effort and pain he had to face to make a film on this topic of extreme sensitivity and to find actors to enact the roles were huge, Amitabh mentioned. The director also detailed the inflow and outflow of energy from the body and how it can be controlled by building up a path through spirituality and sex, which is the theme of his film.  

My film is only successful if it reaches the hearts of the viewers and transmits the emotions, says Kamal director of the competition film ID. While ID film co-producer and Editor B. Ajith Kumar said that, the film truly reflects true vision about the society. He added that, even though he has edited number of films, this is one of the very few films that he would recommend to watch because of its theme and treatment. Geetanjali, female lead in ID was happy to come and feel the enthusiastic atmosphere in IFFK as she has heard a lot about the festival from her cast and crew. Kamal who mentioned that IFFK was the driving force behind him to the direction field, also said that films screened here where his primary exposure to the world of artistic films.

All the three directors expressed their deepest gratitude towards the festival authorities for including their films.

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