Monday, 10 December 2012

Satyajit Ray is My Idol: Dang Nhat Minh

Acclaimed Vietnamese Director Dang Nhat Minh told that India’s legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray is the greatest source of inspiration. He was speaking to Aruna Vasudev in the programme ‘In Conversation’ organized as part of 17th IFFK for him today. His 1985 film, When the Tenth Month Comes is being screened in the Vietnamese section. He described his film as a picture of sorrow, pain and anguish the people of Vietnam suffered during the Vietnam war. The film instead of focusing on the war front goes into the families that were dragged to untold miseries. He also remarked that Hollywood films are digging deep into the film market and great filmmakers are not given any chance. The Hollywood War Movies portray the Viet Cong as evil. He said that even the term, ‘Viet-Cong’ was coined by the Americans indicating Vietnamese as communist-monsters.
Dang Nhat Minh said though 3 scripts are ready with him not willing partner is coming forward to extend financial support. Fifty years ago a French critic had described films Vietnam Asian as neither Indian nor China (it was known as Indo-China then). It was indeed a compliment since it meant that Viet films had its own identity even then. Now Viet cinema is churning out imitations of Hollywood action flicks and other entertainers. He also said that he prefer to shoot in 35mm film, which is better he says, and then edit it in digital format.
One of the most prolific Vietnamese directors Dang Nhat Minh has made 15 movies. His films include Don’t Burn (2009), Nostalgia For the Countryside (1996), The Love Doesn’t Come Back (1984).

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