Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Film is NOT BANNED: Deepa Mehta

Famous filmmaker Deepa Mehta said that her film Midnight’s Children has not been banned in india and it was the distributors decision that there would be no second screening for the film. She was talking at the ‘in conversation’ programme organized in connection with the IFFK. Deepa Mehta quoted that the theme of ‘finding home ‘is always classical.She opined that she wants to be known as a humanist filmmaker rather than a feminist director.
Deepa Mehta expressed her deep gratitude towards the audience of Kerala and added that she had a lovely time in God’s Own Country. She remembered that when she mailed Salman Rushdie about the audience participation, his reply was ‘I love Kerala’. She mentioned that she never felt detachment to India and the relationship with India is a nostalgic one.
 Deepa Mehta explained that it was always difficult to adapt a screenplay from a book. Magical realism in her latest film Midnights children are based on truth and she said that she was not making a harry potter movie. She also said, music is always an integral part of her movies because it can always push the story forward. In a reply to a question about the ending of film, Deepa Mehta replied that the film concludes with the message that there is always a hope. 

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