Monday, 10 December 2012

This is my Love letter to India: Deepa Mehta

  Acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta said that her latest film Midnight’s Children is a love letter to India as quoted by author Salman Rushdie. She was speaking at the press meet conducted at Kairali Theater on the fourth day of International Film Festival of Kerala. She said that it was her third visit to IFFK and is happy to present the film before malayali audience. Actor Rajat Kapoor said that it was a great experience to portray such a character in a Deepa Mehta film. Rahul Bose described his part in the film as once in a lifetime chance for him. Producer of the film David Hamilton remembered that he was stunned by the huge participation of audience in the earlier IFFK when Water was screened. He also added that he is looking for more collaboration for film production from India. Both director and producer was of the opinion that IFFK is the place for the most passionate audience of film.

  Deepa Mehta mentioned that Salman Rushdie, who scripted the film, was supportive towards the project and his eyes were filled with tears after watching the film. For a question about why the film was shot in Sri Lanka, Deepa replied that it was impossible to re-create the 1920s-30s in Delhi. She also added that the Magical realism, rooted in reality, is quite aesthetic and she never wanted to make a Harry potter or X-Men. On elaborating the aspects of the film, she said that the film have the poetic language by Salman and disclosed that Rushdie himself is narrating the movie by voice.

   Deepa Mehta and producer David Hamilton with the film casts Rahul Bose and Rajat Kapoor attended the meet. The most debated film of recent times, Midnight’s Children is based on the controversial book of Salman Rushdie with the same title. The Indian premier gala of the film is to be held in the 17th IFFK.

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