Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Balcony Reservation opens on 6th December

As in previous editions of IFFK, a special reservation system for seats in the balcony has been included for the convenience of delegates. A percentage of seats are made available in those theaters with no balconies. In all the theaters only limited number of seats are for reservation whereas the rest are on a first come first serve basis.  Online booking can be done at or through SMS except for Sree theater.
The reservation opens at 7 am  on 6th Dec, 2012. Counters at Kairali theater are facilitated for the convenience of the delegates. Password and registration number (user number) are required for reservation. The code number of each film given in the schedule should me made use of in the booking process. Booking starts at 7.00 am and close by 9.00 pm for two days in advance. Only one film per show and three films per day can be reserved on a card. Balcony entry will not be permitted for unreserved delegates. Reservation will be cancelled unless the entry is made five minutes prior to the show. Cancellation is permitted only through the counters in theaters. 

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