Friday, 7 December 2012

Kick off to competition with Present Tense

The Turkish film Present Tense directed by Belmin Soylemez will unfold the competition section in the International Film festival of Kerala today. The film to be screened at Anjali theatre at 11.45 am revolves round the troubled life of divorcee woman, about to be shunted from her flat, attempting to flee to America.

 From the 14 films selected in competition 4 will be screened today. The other films to be screened in competition today are: Sta.Nina directed by Emmanuel Quido Palo(Philippines) , Ivan’s Woman directed by Francisca  Silva (Spanish) and Nos Vemos Papa directed by Luca Carreras (Spanish).

 Sta. Nina invites the audience to the mysteries presumed to be created by the unearthing of the coffin of Marikit, the daughter of Pol. People throng to Pol’s house for getting miracles and healing.  Pol begins his crusade for beatifying Marikit as he thinks that her dead child is a saint. The cleansing of the sins by a dead soul throws more puzzles than solutions. Ivan’s Woman tells the emotional voyage of a captive girl who tries to undo the amoral life with her kidnapper. Nos Vemos Papa depicts present day inflictions on the life of Pilar who feels that time has stopped before her from one such failing moment. 
 A total of 14 films were included in the competition section. The Indian films arrayed for competition are: Shutter directed by Joy Mathew, I.D directed by Kamal K M, Filmistaan directed by Nitin Kakkar and The Inheritors of the Earth directed by T V Chandran.   

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