Saturday, 8 December 2012

Love for Satyajit Ray, Love for India: Helena Ignez

“India is like my motherland”, well-known Brazilian actress turned director Helena Ignez expressed her warmth towards India during the programme ‘In Conversation’ held on the second day of 17th International Film Festival of Kerala. Seven films of the Brazilian icon is being screened in one of the Retros included in iffk .
Helena Ignez is still amazed when she recollects on her illustrious career of long 53 years. She never had the courage to start her film career at the threshold of her creativity due to the political compulsions in Brazil. Somehow, she entered the field and soldiered on to become one of the ambassadors of Brazilian cinema. Actress Ignez, who is very fond of the communist movement in Kerala, personally is of the opinion that such unity is lacking in Brazil. On re-visiting her memories of her early career, Ignez pointed out that military rule in Brazil devastated the film industry. Many of talented artists were forced to end up their career and went in exile. Her career, relations and family life had to face many obstacles due to the military regime. 
Helena Ignez said that external influence such as from the Hollywood did not provide a positive boost to the Brazilian film industry at present. She added that Brazilian cinema at present is exhibiting it’s true face. Helena, who considers Satyajit Ray as great creator and his films as marvelous creations, said she is ready to work with everyone in Indian film industry. Films of the New Wave in the world cinema gave a new energy and the technology bestowed an inspiring tryst. 
On the question about her acting career and most affectionate experiences in acting, she replied that working with her husband and noted director Rogerio Sganzerla, who died in 2004, was the most mirthful moments in her career.  Asked about her most acclaimed film, The Red Light Bandit, directed by her husband, she replied that the film itself explained its aesthetic values.  The revolutionary Brazilian film The Red Light Bandit is being screened in the film festival. Her acting process was moulded upon the methods of Stanislavski and Brecht, Ignez added. 

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